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ATBS earned a Top National Accreditation through the BHCOE


Accreditation is a review process in which a 3rd party institution assesses the quality of services provided by an organization against a national standard. It is an intensive and rigorous process with very high standards, taking 4-6 months to complete. 


Accreditation involves extensive audits of policies, procedures and practices as well as anonymous interviews with parents, caregivers and staff. An accredited provider has passed rigorous standards and audits in their field. 


During the accreditation process, an organization is thoroughly investigated and evaluated for quality of services, levels of staff training, record keeping, ethics and integrity, client and family satisfaction, employee retention and quality assurance among others. The accreditation process ensures that an organization is truly putting the client first in all areas, and practicing with a high degree of integrity and ethics. 


Knowing your provider is fully accredited can help give you peace of mind that your child is truly receiving the best services available for them! 


ATBS has earned the BHCOE’s 3 year accreditation -the highest accreditation available! We are proud of the services we provide, our standard of excellence and care, and to be able to offer this assurance to our families and clients.

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