At Achieve Together Behavior Services, it is our goal to partner with our clients to support individual goals and interests. We come alongside our clients and their families wherever they are at in their development to shape the skills needed to access community, interpersonal relationships, career and educational opportunities. 


We use strategies that allow for autistic individuals to feel protected, safe and supported when they are with us--free from judgment and shame. For instance, instead of extinction, we utilize shaping to allow the autistic client to learn replacement behaviors that can be heard by others and support their needs at their pace. We regularly collaborate with our clients and their caregivers to ensure that they are free to be themselves in a safe, supportive and respectful environment.


We strive to create an environment that uses ABA in a nurturing and collaborative way. We take the time to listen to autistic voices and have regular staff training on the subject of ethical use of ABA, what consent from our clients looks like and how speaking and non-speaking clients may express their needs.  We encourage all staff to listen to their clients and provide that feedback to their BCBAs.


Our BCBAs are continually educated on how to provide ethical and safe ABA to our clients in a way that protects their mental, physical and emotional wellbeing through CEUs, staff discussions, and autistic lead discussion boards. We care about respectful and safe ABA therapy. All treatment plans are reviewed by another BCBA to ensure their treatment meets these standards. Collaboration of all BCBAs is expected and encouraged to ensure all clients receive the best of every BCBA. Clients are placed with the BCBA who will best meet their needs and be able to provide the highest quality of care.


Below are resources to support our learning and yours, directly from the autistic community. We are committed to taking perspectives of those most impacted by ABA: autistic people and their families. We know and have seen that some of the information available can be overwhelming. Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns about ABA, our services specifically, and autism. We are open to frank discussions about ABA's history and we encourage you to ask questions about our practice. Your child deserves to feel accepted, safe and free to grow and develop in a healthy way.





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