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Parent Support Opportunity

Whether you are waitlisted for ABA services, receiving current services anywhere in the Dayton area, or are a current client, you are welcome to join us in our next Project ImPACT Cohort. 

Project ImPACT

Project ImPACT is a parent training program for families with kids up to 6 years old. 

This program involves systematic teaching and coaching of intervention strategies to help parents accomplish specific goals for their child, including improving the parent–child relationship, increasing specific developmental skills, and managing their child’s behavior.


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Mother with her Child

What is Project ImPACT?

Project ImPACT uses a unique blend of evidence-based developmental and behavioral intervention techniques to teach parents strategies they can use to help their child develop social,

communication, imitation, and play skills during naturally occurring daily routines and activities. This program is for children 2 to 6 years old.

What does the commitment look like?

You can choose to do Project ImPACT in a group setting of no more than 6 other parents with other parents or you can do 1:1 with a BCBA.
 Every other week for 12 weeks: 6 home sessions + 6 at ATBS

Individual: 24 sessions: 90min, 1-2 visit/sessions per week; or 12 sessions: 120min, 

1 visit/session per week (telehealth available)

Times/Days will be determined with the attendees 2 weeks prior to start date.

How much does it cost?

Project ImPACT fees are:
$1000 for the Group
$1200 for the 12 Individual sessions
$1500 for the 24 Individual sessions
Each person must purchase a $29 book for the program. Reach out to ATBS and we will help you apply for grants or the voucher program to assist in payment.

Will this effect my current services or my place on the waitlist?

Absolutely not. If your child is currently receiving ABA therapy, it will not effect treatment recommendations or progress. Project ImPACT is a supplement to ABA and focuses on how you can better support your child. This will also have no effect on your place on ATBS' waitlist.

We have 7 available spots for the March 2024 Project ImPACT Cohort.
Closing Date for Registration is February 19, 2024.

Kid with Pacifier

Join us for a free
infromation session!

  • Learn about Project ImPACT

  • Meet the BCBA

  • Ask questions

  • Get help paying for it.

February 22, 2024 at 6pm.

Reach Out to Learn More

Let us know if you have questions, need help with funding, or would like to sign up by reaching out via Email or Phone!


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