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About Our Team


Nora Coyle

CEO, Clinical Director

Nora has been working with children of all ages and disabilities since 2005. She was as an Early Childhood Special Education teacher in Colorado Springs, Colorado for 4 years and an ABA therapist in a clinic setting during the summers.

In November 2007, she received the Teacher's First Award for Southern Colorado. In 2009, Nora became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and began working with Autistic children and their families in their homes, community, and schools in Dayton, Ohio.

Nora founded Achieve Together Behavior Services, LLC in 2009 to provide children and families with the opportunity to grow and have a balanced and happy life. She has worked with children from 2 to 19 years old on the autism spectrum.  Nora received her Bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (K-6 teaching) and a Masters in Early Childhood Special Education. Nora specializes in conversation, language and social skills.

Nora is a working towards her certification in Nonviolent Communication. She is passionate about creating an empathetic environment for clients, parents and staff. 

Alex has been blessed to work with ATBS since 2018. As a military spouse, Alex has had the opportunity to work in a variety of jobs over the years. She has managed international logistics accounts for a Fortune 500 company, worked in operations for national grocery store chains, and run a small health and wellness facility.  She has extensive experience in both logistics and account management and she excels at systems analysis and organization.


When Alex first began working at ATBS, she quickly fell in love with ABA, as a compassionate and dignified approach to helping others. Her work at ATBS soon became not only a job, but something in which she passionately believes. Her favorite parts of her job are getting to see the kids that ATBS supports and getting to know and support the amazing parents that come through these doors.


Alex lives with her husband of 10 years and their 3 “fur monsters”, Casper, Bri and Tali. In her off- hours Alex loves hiking, biking, skiing, swimming and anything outdoors. But mostly, Alex loves spending time with her “pack”, whether it be lying outside in the grass or curled up on the couch watching Harry Potter for the 100th time.

Over the years, Alex has learned that what makes a job truly special isn’t what you are doing, but the people with whom you are doing it. Alex is so honored to be working among such an exceptional team and to be able to fully believe in work that ATBS accomplishes. 

Alexandra Tyson



Jessica Johnson

Safety Care Trainer


Jessica carries a Bachelors in Psychology and a Masters in Education with an emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis. She has worked in the field of ABA since 2009 and has welcomed all the different perspectives of the autism spectrum.

Jessica brings a high level of skill, functional tools, creativity, compassion, and kindness to every family she serves. She enjoys this work because of all the wonderful people she gets to meet, the confidence she sees kids acquire and how the lives of families change because of it.

Specializing in young children, she focuses on decreasing problem behavior and creating an environment where kids are motivated to do amazing things. She's been with ATBS since 2015.

Alexandra is an autistic BCBA who holds a BS in Physics and MS in ABA. She has worked in education since 2013, across a variety of settings and roles. She is from California, and moved to Ohio in 2020 to work with ATBS. Alexandra brings her own experiences learning to navigate society as autistic while embracing stimming and giving up appearing normal. She is passionate about ABA reform and creating accommodating and affirming spaces for neurodivergent folks. 


In addition to working at ATBS, Alexandra spends her time advocating for neurodiversity and trauma informed care affirming practices within ABA through conferences, consulting and podcasts. She is passionate about reframing language from clinical to person-centered and plane language.


Alexandra enjoys spending time with her cats and husband, playing board and role-playing games, swing dancing, and cooking. 

Alexandra Vassar

Clinical Director Designee
Ukeru Trainer,MS, BCBA, COBA


Sarah Hudgens

Clinical Director of Learning Pods
Intervention Specialist


Sarah Yahna (Hudgens), is an accomplished Intervention Specialist and BCBA. With 14 years of experience teaching grades k-12 in Beavercreek, Milford, and St. Louis public school districts, teaching academics, life skills, and transition/pre-vocational skills. Sarah was honored to be selected as Teacher of the Year in 2017 for Beavercreek City Schools. She served on the district’s behavior support team for 3 years, consulting and working with teachers within the district, as well as assisting in training teachers and paraprofessionals in principles of ABA.  She will provide ongoing training, and supervision of our Learning Pod program individually and in a group setting.

Sarah was born and raised in St. Louis Missouri. She has been involved with children and adults with special needs the majority of her life, in the classroom, residential and group home settings. She graduated from the University of Dayton with a Bachelor's degree as an Intervention Specialist in 2007, and began teaching children with mild/moderate/severe disabilities. Sarah attended Florida Tech Institute with a focus in behavior analysis. She enjoys the challenges and milestones that working in this field brings and especially teaching life skills and social skills.


Sarah enjoys running, biking, hiking and competitive Irish dancing. She has been with ATBS since 2017 providing behavior therapy and consultation as an Intervention Specialist.

Zane Ferguson has been with ATBS since 2016 and a BCBA since 2021. In 2020, he published a research article in conjunction with Dr. Fred Peterson, Psy.D. Zane became an Elevatus Cohort in 2021 to provide the community and ATBS with an evidenced based approach to increasing accessibility of sex and sexuality education for the I/DD population for ATBS. 

Zane has worked with young children, teens, and young adults. He brings with him experience in sex education, research and advocacy. He is passionate about reducing incarceration through early intervention.

Zane is excellent at working with teens, navigating complex social situations with teens and creating social group activities for all ages.

Zane enjoys spending his personal time seeing live music, doing oil painting, and playing tabletop and board games.

Zane Ferguson


Elevatus Cohort

Kate has been with ATBS since February of 2021. She graduated from Miami University with a BA in Social Psychology. Kate has a long history of customer service and mentorship. When she came to the ATBS team, she quickly fell in love with the amazing kiddos as well as the ATBS Philosophy. Kate enjoys providing the organization and resources needed for the therapists to practice such excellent therapy, but her favorite part of working at ATBS is meeting and creating those unique relationships with so many incredible families. 


Kate is a dedicated Yogi and has been practicing since she was 14. She is also a self-proclaimed coffee addict and thinks there is nothing better than curling up with coffee and a good book. 

Kate Whitehair

Office Manager
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