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Friends at Camp

Summer Camps and Workshops

Summer week long camps to provide your child with a chance to have fun, learn skills and spend time with their peers! Our camps will provide your child with a full or half day of fun this summer! All kids will have a chance to play outside, have a snack and make connections with other peers in their community. Our goal is to create a fun place for kids to learn life long social skills like collaboration, communication and independence. We welcome children of all disabilities to join our camps.

Love the Earth

Exploring Our World

Plant Day

Feed a Venus fly trap, smell and taste herbs, conduct a plant experiment!
Archaeology Dig

Learn about fossils and mummies! Dig for buried treasure and make a Sarcofogus!
Space Day

Create a special glowing star room and make the constellations for the clinic! 
Oceanography Day

Make your own bioluminescent creature, dig for shark teeth and make a cool necklace to bring home!
The Forces of Nature

Build a volcano and then an island for the volcano! 

This camp will be for kids 6-9 years old. 

Home Improvement

Exploring Independence: Advanced


Learn how to use Public Transportation (real life chance to practice later in the week), other modes of transportation to consider: learning to drive (support to get there), and asking for a ride (when to ask and how)
Home How-To
Learn how to change a light bulb, simple sink fixes, hanging pictures, simple dry wall fixes and replacing door knobs. You will 
learn about breaker boxes, sockets, variety of tools, and when to ask for help!
Leisure Skills

Prop Making or Crochet
Cooking and Meal Prep

Create breakfast foods together and then eat them!

This camp is designed for teens 10-18 who need less support from adults.

Paint Roll

Exploring INdependence: Beginners 


Exploring transportation: public transportation, flying and riding in the car safely in fun and creative ways!
Home How-To
Learn how to use simple appliances, setting up a table/chairs, painting a shelf in a fun, relaxing environment!

Cooking Skills:

Make a cool snack for using the herbs we will plant!

Leisure Skills

Making videos, taking selfies and taking photos of others.

This camp is designed for teens 10-18 who need a little more support from adults.

Cute Monster

Fantasty Camp


This camp is for teens who are interested in table top role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons, Catan, Betrayal and Mysterium.

Create Your Own Character and use that character to play throughout the week! There will be 2 rounds of games with the chance to create 2 different characters.

This is a great way for teens who enjoy these activities to start to build skills that give them access to a rich community as adults.

This camp is designed for teens 10-18. Half Day Only.

All Dates for Camps: June 13- 17, 2022

What we provide:

  • Our staff to camper ratio is a minimum of 3 to 1, but no more than 6 (depending on the camp).

  • Snack provided, full day please send a lunch with your child to ensure each child is getting the food they like to eat for meals.

  • We will go outside to 1 or our 2 playgrounds to enjoy the sunshine and air every 3 hours, weather permitting.

  • Fun in our amazing sensory room!

  • A disability accepting environment where everyone is treated as equals and with the utmost respect from our staff.

  • Access to sensory items to support their success at camp.

  • All kids will have an amazing time with our amazing, supportive and staff. 

Summer Camp Fee Schedule

Per Week:

Full Day $600 (9am-3pm)

Half Day $350 (9am-12pm)

If your child needs extra adult support in social situations, please contact us

for additional information and special pricing.


We require a minimum of 2 kids for each camp to host the camp. Our staff to camper ratio

is a minimum of 3 to 1, but no more than 6 (depending on the camp).


Payment Dates: 

For Private Pay: Non Refundable Deposit of $200 for full day and
$100 for half day due by May 13th.

 If accessing county funds or using other 3rd party funding,

verification of funding due by May 13th. Please reach out to us if you
need additional support for 3rd party funding assistance or suggestions.  


Private Pay: Payment in full due by June 13th.

Please reach out to or call 937-951-2084 for more information

Registration Process

  1. Please complete the form below, contact us at or call us at 937-705-6345

  2. We will have one of our BCBAs reach out to you to ask you a few questions about your child to ensure the we are able to support your child in our camp setting. 

  3. If needed, ATBS will collaborate with you to determine what supports are needed to help your child be as successful as possible at camp!

  4. You will receive an invoice via email to make the payment via credit card, unless other arrangements are made with a third party resource.

Camper Registration
This is not a secure form. If you would like to keep your information confidential, please call 937-951-2084 to start the registration process.

Thanks for registering!

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