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Applied Behavior Analysis Services

We believe in providing ABA services that include the parent(s) in the entire process. Our desire is to learn and know your goals for your child and how we can help you achieve them. This process starts with a full and in-depth assessment of your child and their needs. Together we will agree upon a plan and implement the recommendation of treatment to work with you and your child. By providing caring and top quality services, you and your child will gain tools to support them in achieving their goals.

Learning Pods

What is it?
  Clients with Higher Needs Can Expect


Clients with Lower Needs Can Expect​

A program designed for Kindergarten through High School aged children as an alternative to public school. In our Learning Pods, clients will be placed in groups of 3 or 4 with peers of similar age and ability. Our goal is to create an ideal learning environment for your child that individualizes their educational needs through targeting academics, classroom skills or job skills. This allows your child to transition back into the classroom environment, or to support your child in finding a job. For those who are transitioning into adult services, we will work with you and your teen to find a placement that supports their goals.

These pods will focus on teaching skills to help increase the level of participation in daily living activities, support to self-advocate for their needs, increase opportunities for social interaction, increase independence, and to teach skills to increase the potential for further learning in life.

These pods will build on conversational language, complex play skills, social skills (building and maintaining friendships), collaborating and working with peers, self advocating, learning life long accommodations and modification at work or school, as well as individual modifications in their academic curriculum.

The Learning Pod program is an Autism and Jon Peterson Scholarship Program.

Other Services We Offer

1:1 Therapy

Therapy in our clinic is provided by a a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) with oversight by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). Each program is individualized to your child and family's needs. 

We make every effort to schedule your child's therapy when peers with similar skills and abilities are present in the clinic to provide the richest environment possible for your child's therapy session.


We assess your child with traditional assessments and then take it further by analyzing why the child may be struggling to maintain the skills or to target complex social skills most assessments don't cover.

Social Groups

We do a free 30-minute assessment with you and your child to determine whether we have a group that best fits your child's needs. We then recommend a placement for your child. If you are interested in this group, you can sign him or her up and we will see you in the next group!


Our groups are designed to be based on skills your child is working on within their age group. The groups are open to all kids with disabilities.


Groups are made up of fun activities to target important social skills. Your child will have individualized goals to work on during group.


Social groups we currently have

Teen Game Group: Friday nights 4-6 for teens working on collaborating, working together and socializing in a fun environment.

Tween Groups: Tuesday and Thursday 4-6 for tweens working on building friendships, and self-advocacy. We build a cardboard castle and play board games.

Littles Group: Monday and Wednesday 4-6 for 4-9 year olds. In this group we work on complex play skills, initiating communication with peers and responding to their requests and comments. 

Please reach out for more information. Group times are added as demand increases, so please reach out for more days and times for these groups.


Community Group: 4th Saturday of every month for the autistic community (teens and adults) where we play Dungeons and Dragons and other games. For information on this group, please contact

Sex Education Training

The Elevatus Training is an evidenced based approach to increasing accessibility of sex and sexuality education for the I/DD population and to give providers, caregivers, and teachers the ability to respond promptly and competently to sex/sexuality related questions or situations. This training was created by Katherine McLaughlin M.Ed, CSE with direct input from the I/DD community and self-advocates across the country. This curriculum was designed with a focus on self advocacy and is inclusive of all gender and sexual identities while respecting the values of the individuals/families receiving the training. 

Caregiver and Facilitator Training

Trainings for caregivers and facilitators interested in gaining an understanding of how to talk about sex and sex education with the I/DD population and can be scheduled for your organization by contacting us. This training is 2 hours long.

Become an Elevatus Trainer:

A 7 hour training to teach providers how to teach the full curriculum to people with disabilities is available upon request by contacting Achieve Together Behavior Services.

Curriculum Training

A sex education training specifically for I/DD population. During this training, specified for adults or teens, participants will learn about sex and sexuality in an open, accepting way. While this training focuses on safety of those receiving the training and those they interact with, it is also designed to open avenues for deeper connection and intimacy that many within the I/DD community do not have the accessibility to obtain. Please reach out to Achieve Together Behavior Services, if you are interested in this training.

Town Hall:

A Town Hall specifically for the I/DD population to answer questions freely and be received with openness and accurate answers in regards to sex and sexuality in a judgement free zone. Please reach out to Achieve Together Behavior Services, if you are interested in this event.

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