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Time Off/Call Off Requests

What is the Time Off/Call Off Policy?

  1. Attendance Raise Qualification and Attendance Requirements

    • ATBS honors the monumental impact of consistent attendance while also striving to honor staff need for personal time and emergencies. Attendance is rated on Pass/Fail. Passing qualifies staff for raises for the following year. Failing disqualifies staff from raises. 

      • Pass = 92% attendance over the course a year with call offs not exceeding 3%. 4% and termination will be considered.

        • Reasons for absences are NOT tracked. There are no excused or unexcused absences. ATBS does not monitor reasons for absence, only the impact. 

          • Time Off = absences scheduled more than 15 business days out

          • Call Off = absences schedule less than 15 business days or less out 

  2. Attendance Limits

    • Because poor attendance is so detrimental to client well being, staff morale and clinic functioning, ATBS requires a minimum of 92% overall attendance and no more than 4% call off rate. Exceeding these limits will result in disciplinary action up to termination. 

  3. Reciprocal Hours Prioritization

    • For staff who demonstrate consistency with ATBS, ATBS prioritizes consistent hours for them. Staff receive 4 call offs per year before they lose prioritization for receiving hours when their client cancels. There are no “excused” call offs. On their 4th call offs, staff will no longer be prioritized for hours during client cancellations. 1 sickness counts as one call off, even if it spans multiple days. 

  4. No Show Allowance

    • When staff must call-off, they must do so before 7:30 am. Failure to do so before 7:30 am is considered a no show. Staff receive 3 no shows a year. Termination happens on the 4th no show. No shows are different from No-Call-No-Shows, in which a staff member neither calls ahead nor shows up for their session. No call no shows will result in immediate termination. 

      • Official documentation of a bona fide emergency (hospital discharge papers, a receipt for vehicle towing etc…) will excuse the no show and result in it being reclassified as a call off.

  5. A Note on Call Offs Versus Time offs

    • ATBS builds the schedule 2 weeks out (end of the current week plus 2 weeks will be published every Friday). Leave that is scheduled and taken after the schedule has been built and published causes a lot of upheaval for staff, reduces BCBA ability to support, which reduces quality of care for the clients. Furthermore, call offs are extremely costly for the company. It takes the entire leadership team 1-2 hours to rearrange the schedule after call offs in the morning and forces their day to start at 7:30am. 

    • ATBS encourages staff to use their time off allowances every year. We believe in a healthy work life balance as well as healthy and proper self care. We want staff to take time off guilt free. And we want staff to be able to call off for genuine uncontrollable emergencies guilt free. But we cannot avoid the need for reliability, consistency and stability in our field. So we ask that call offs be limited to genuine emergencies and sickness.

What are the types of Leave I can take?


  • Leaves:  Leave tells the System (MeasurePM) and Admin that you won’t be coming into work. There are 4 types of leave which vary based on how far in advance you request it, and whether or not you will be requesting Paid Time Off (PTO) while you are off of work. The four types of leave are

    1. Call Off (Less than 15 business days in advance) PTO 

      • If you’ve earned enough PTO and you follow the procedures to put in a non billable PTO appointment, you will get paid for this kind of leave

    2. Call Off (Less than 15 business days in advance) NON PTO 

      • You will not get paid for this kind of leave. 

    3. Time Off (More than 15 business days in advance) PTO

      • If you’ve earned enough PTO and you follow the procedures to put in a non billable PTO appointment, you will get paid for this kind of leave

    4. Time Off (More than 15 business days in advance) NON PTO

      • You will not get paid for this kind of leave. 

  • PTO: PTO tells the system and HR that you will be getting paid while you’re not working. (Note: PTO is earned and cannot be taken unless you have sufficient balance in your account. To see your PTO balance, please check your pay stub). 

How do I request Leave?

  • Request Leave:

    • You must request Leave if you are not going to be at work.

    • ALL requests must be submitted through Measure. 

      • Log into Measure on a desktop

        • Navigate to >my appointments>my leaves> and click on ‘add leave’ in the top right hand corner. 

        • Select ‘partial day’ (even if a full day of leave is being taken)**

        • Fill in hours and date

        • Select Leave Type

        • Select your name from Employees

        • Fill in notes with brief reason

        • Save

      • Your Leave will now be sent to Admin for approval. 

        • If you are not taking PTO, no further action is required of you once your leave has been approved. If you are taking PTO, proceed to the next step.

  • After Approval--PTO Only (skip this step if you are not taking PTO during your leave)

    • After receiving approval for your Leave, create a non billable appointment in Measure for the hours you wish to be paid. You may submit PTO for part or all of your leave, as long as you have enough PTO balance. PTO is paid out in half hour increments. 

    • Select PTO as the service type. (note: selecting in service hours or non billable service type will result in those hours being deducted from your yearly allowance, and may result in disciplinary action). 

    • Render and sign for your PTO appointments before the end of the pay period. 

**Note: You must use Partial day when requesting Leaves, even if you are taking a full day. This is because Measure calculates the total hours taken during a full day (i.e. a day equals 24 hours). For mulitple days, you will need to put a new request in for each day.

Submitting a full day leave will result in a denial of your leave request, and you will be required to resubmit for a partial day with the correct hours. Submitting incorrect leave type (submitting for time off when you are taking a call off) will result in a denial of your request.

You may view the video on how to submit these requests here.

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